Optical Shop

Optical Shop

Not only are we focused on providing a comprehensive exam, but we are dedicated to providing the quality frames and lenses needed to ensure that the best visual outcome for each patient. From traditional to trendy, we stock nearly 1000 frames in our optical, and we have thousands more are available in our Online Webstore.

When visiting our Optical, one of our three full time Opticians is more than happy to assist you.  Our staff will take a hands-on approach in helping you select a frame style that fits your personality as well as your lifestyle.  We want each and every patient to feel comfortable and confident in their new eyewear.

We carry eyewear for children from infants to adolescence to teens and young adults.  We carry eyewear for women and men, no matter what the occasion may be from dress, to work, or play.  We have safety glasses, sports googles, and even prescription swim goggles and ski goggles.

We also carry a full collection of sunglasses with nearly 200 pairs in stock at any given time.  We carry the most popular brands such as:

Costa Del Mar

Oakley Glasses


Smith Optics

All eyeglass frames purchased from our optical carry a 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects.  We also ONLY carry current and up-to-date frame styles.  We do NOT carry discontinued frames that we cannot warranty or stand behind.  This is important knowledge for each consumer.  If you are purchasing a name brand frame at a discount, chances are its discontinued.  We will also replace lost and damaged glasses not under warranty through special discounts.


Most importantly, when it comes to your eyeglasses, we put a lot of time into recommending quality lenses.  Our doctors know that their exam is as only as good as your vision, and your vision is greatly impacted by the design and quality of lens that you are looking through.


For nearly a decade, we have partnered with Essilor to provide each patient with a superior lens specifically designed to meet their lifestyle.  As a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of optical lenses in the United States, Essilor was the first fully integrated optical company specializing in ophthalmic lens production, manufacturing, and distribution.

Essilor offers the industry’s most technologically advanced lenses and products including:


ShamirIn 2016, we extended our optical affiliations to also include Shamir® Lenses.  Shamir® Lenses are a 100% full digital free-form design allowing us to customize each patient’s lenses providing edge-to-edge clarity and the widest fields of vision possible.  What does this mean?  Think about TV’s and how they have evolved over time.  Shamir lenses allow us to offer the highest resolution and clarity much like a 1080i HDTV.

Our progressive lens of choice is the Shamir® Autograph III lens.


Once you have selected a frame and the Doctor and Optician have determined the best lenses for your lifestyle, the final step is to fit your frame and customize the lens positioning according to the frame design and your individualized visual behavior.

We were the first and currently remain the only private practice in Kernersville to offer this state-of-the-art technology at no additional charge to our patients.  The Essilor Visioffice machine provides cutting-edge digital dispensing technology delivering more accurate, precise, and consistent ways to fit patients.

visiofficeImproved Accuracy

Precise measurements down to 1/10 millimeter

3D imaging of the patient to locate their unique optical eye rotation center

HD imaging to allow more precise boxing

Optimal Vision delivery through measuring frame shape, size, and fit

Physiological Measurements to include Pupillary Distance, Fitting Height, Natural Head Position, and Eye Rotation

Frame Measurements to include Vertex Distance, Wrap Angle, and Pantoscopic Tilt

Dynamic Visual Behavior Measurements to include Dominant Eye, Head/Eye Movement Ratio, Stability Coefficient, and Reading Distance.


Feel free to contact our optical staff or optician directly at 336-993-3930.

Below are the brands that Harper Eye Care represent:

Adidas EyewearAdidas

Banana Republic EyewearBanana Republic

Bebe EyewearBEBE

Bobbi Brown EyewearBobbi Brown Eyewear

Carerra Eyewear Carrera Eyewear

Chesterfield EyewearChesterfield

Calvin Klein Eyewear CK

Coach Eyewear Coach Eyewear

Costa Del Mar Costa Del Mar


EasyClip Easy Clip

Flexon Eyewear Flexon

Fossil EyewearFossil

FYSH EyewearFysh

IZOD EyewearIZOD Eyewear

Jimmy Choo EyewearJimmy Choo

Juicy Couture EyewearJuicy Couture

Kate Spade GlassesKate Spade Glasses

Kliik EyewearKliik

Marc JacobsMarc by Marc Jacobs Eyewear

Marchon EyewearMarchon Eyewear

MaxMara EyewearMax Mara Eyewear

Nautica EyewearNautica Eyewear

Nike VisionNike Vision

Oakley GlassesOakley

OP EyewearOP

Polo EyewearPolo Eyewear


Rec Specs
Rec Specs

Safilo Eyewear

Saks Fifth Avenue Eyewear
Saks Fifth Avenue

Silhouette Eyewear
Silhouette Eyewear

Smith Optics
Smith Optics

Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger

Tory Burch
Tory Burch

Vera Bradley
Vera Bradley